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I am a k-12 teacher, university lecturer, newly-minted doctoral graduate, and keynote speaker. As the proud recipient of the Computer Using Educators 2018 LeRoy Finkle Fellow and the California State University, Fullerton 2016 Edwin Carr Fellow, I strive to give my students the opportunity to lead in the classroom and at the university. In my circles, I am known for facilitating children-led professional development for adults. You can find me regularly presenting at the National CUE Conference and the International Society for Technology in Education.


Episode 3: Lesson Design, 21st Century Learning Environments, and Working in the Inner-City with 3rd Grade Teacher Bethany Gonzales

Episode 2: Thriving in The Second Year of Teaching and Creating a Family Culture in the Classroom

Episode 1: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Creating a Classroom Community

21st Century YouTube Genres with Elementary Students

I have won multiple awards as a 6-12th grade teacher, but I was not prepared at all for teaching 3rd grade. The content was incredibly dull and the kids did not have the background knowledge for a majority of the content. The exciting moments came when kids explained to me what they watched on YouTube and the games they played at home. Over the next few weeks we facilitated our own unboxing video in class and then performed this quasi-improvisational ritual in front of parents and CSU Bakersfield students. Never in my right mind did I expect it would be 3rd grade students that would introduce to the REAL 21st Century.

Teaching at CSU Fullerton Master’s in Educational Technology Program

As an adjunct faculty member I have taught courses in instructional design and portfolio development. Typically my focus is on bridging theory and pedagogy for k-12 educators. The videos below are part of the course EDEL 518B Issues in the Instructional Design of Classroom Software where I go full-method actor to play the role of a client and university students play the role of app developers. Throughout the course students meet different checkpoints and eventually develop a prototype application that they test in an actual classroom environment.

Fall 2019 Dr Eddie App Store Submissions

Teaching at CSU Bakersfield in the Department of Teacher Education

As a lead course instructor I have worked with other faculty members to update the syllabus for EDTE 4200 Technology for Educators. The tweets below are part of a course-wide Twitter chat where seven instructors and over 200 students participate every semester.

Social Network Analysis

21st Century Technology (iBook)

As a middle and high school teacher, this book is my guide for other teachers to explore instructional technology. In the last few years, my students created virtual worlds, hoax websites, and film festivals using animation software. Enjoy my labor of love and transform your students from passive consumers to active creators.


Creating Virtual Reality

Students can create 3D in virtual reality through many different technologies. My classroom students have done so by creating their own 3D models and publishing them to Here you can find my VR resources for presentations at local conferences and the National Computer Using Educators Conference of 2017.


Kids Teaching Adults and Children

The following blog postings are based on my experiences facilitating student-led learning experiences. Each experience is unique, with learning goals ranging from academic interventions, behavior interventions, and building capacity in student leadership.

Kids Teaching Teachers in Staff Development (link)

Kids Teaching Teachers at a Conference Workshop (link)

Kids Teaching University Credential Candidates (link) 

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