Welcome to Eddie’s Class!

I am a middle school teacher in the Bakersfield City School District and a lead course instructor at California State University, Bakersfield. I am the proud recipient of the Computer Using Educators 2018 LeRoy Finkle Fellowship and the California State University, Fullerton 2016 Edwin Carr Fellowship. Currently, I am researching student-led staff development and kids teaching adults in the Doctoral Studies Program in Educational Leadership at California State University, Bakersfield.

21st Century Technology (iBook)

As a middle and high school teacher, this book is my guide for other teachers to explore instructional technology. In the last few years, my students created virtual worlds, hoax websites, and film festivals using animation software. Enjoy my labor of love and transform your students from passive consumers to active creators.


Creating Virtual Reality

Students can create 3D in virtual reality through many different technologies. My classroom students have done so by creating their own 3D models and publishing them to Here you can find my VR resources for presentations at local conferences and the National Computer Using Educators Conference of 2017.


Kids Teaching Adults and Children

The following blog postings are based on my experiences facilitating student-led learning experiences. Each experience is unique, with learning goals ranging from academic interventions, behavior interventions, and building capacity in student leadership.

Kids Teaching Teachers in Staff Development (link)

Kids Teaching Teachers at a Conference Workshop (link)

Kids Teaching University Credential Candidates (link) 


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