Life of a Monarch Butterfly

life of a monarch

Life of a Monarch Butterfly was my attempt to unify all of the teaching principals I learned during my credentialing program. With this application I hoped to have the students touch the content through cutouts, listen and see the content through animation, and immerse themselves through augmented reality.

Life of a Frog

life of a frog

Life of a Frog/Vida de Una Rana was created before I entered my credential program and was my attempt to create a meaningful educational technology piece with augmented reality.

Leo and the T-Rex

leo and the t-rex

Leo and the T-Rex was important for me emotionally and conceptually. I was in my student-teaching and dead broke come Christmas. I was going to give up on educational technology  because it hadn’t gotten me anywhere. Lacking money around Christmas time I turned to the only thing I knew. I couldn’t afford to take my kids to Los Angeles to visit the T-Rex museum so I actually created our own experience. My older boy created the sound effects.