Presenting at the International Society for Technology in Education 2017

Below you can find the following presentation artifacts: The conference and professional development handouts on virtual reality (VR). Feel free to download and share. Following the handout is copy of the conference presentation. Link to a student-made virtual reality museum. Professional renderings from a 6th grade student-created tutorial for my free workflow. A Minecraft[…]

Section 2: How can I use animation with language learners?

Real World Example The example above was created by an English language learner and uses the paid subscription website GoAnimate. The website includes the ability to create a classroom where students can create videos online within a closed environment. With GoAnimate teachers reserve the right to publish to websites such as YouTube.             It is[…]

Section 1: Overview

How can I use animation and video in my classroom? Section 1: Overview Objectives At the end of this chapter teachers will be able to: Identify animation software. Choose the appropriate animating format. Real World Example My experience with animation and video creation includes the paid software of GoAnimate, Powtoons, and the Apple application NewsBooth.[…]

Digital Information Literacy

The first video below is a brief tutorial demonstrating how to create a hoax website using Google Blogger. The only requirement for this lesson is either a laptop or desktop (Chromebooks are okay, tablets are not). In the following video I break down a real world PLC and collaborative website designed by students from two[…]