History Tuesday, November 17, 2015



History/Social Studies :standard HSS 6.2- Analyze the economy, religion, and politics of Mesopotamia.

ELA: Today your daily reading will help us meet our goal of achieving standard for Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity


Introduction- we read as a class.

For history today we will be reading through an article about ancient Mesopotamia artifacts being looted in Iraq during their war.  In the article you will see some of the topics we have been studying, specifically ancient cuneiform on clay tablets.

The article will focus on a story named “The Epic of Gilgamesh” that is written on ancient clay tablets that were stolen. You can read our article if you  CLICK HERE.

For this lesson we will have a group of 6 students working in guided reading with me and everyone else will read the article independently and create an article review.


Level 4-includes less than 5 grammar errors, introduction, conclusion, 2 facts from the story, and two details.

Level 3-includes less than 7 grammar errors, introduction, conclusion, 1 facts from the story, and 1 detail.

Level 2-You did your best but had too many grammar errors, did not include a conclusion or introduction.

Level 1-We need to talk…



If you finish early you can work on your hoax news story, 3D tin, or Khan Academy coding.  If you work on 3D tin, I want you to make a project similar to Abram’s that is below. He made this great looking ziggurrat.


Below is the story referenced in the article, you can finish viewing it independently. This video was created by students just like you. I want you to think to yourself, is our website and are our videos created at a high quality as well? What can we do to improve our work?

Here is the link to a great story created by our Consuelo, Click Here. She made this for our last history lesson, if you haven’t turned yours in yet I will need those by Friday!



You have 2 options for the following hoax news story:

Option 1. I would like for you to create a hoax news story where students read the cuneiform from a lost tablet and are transported back into “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” Tell me when, where, how, who, and why? This will be in third person.

Option 2. I would like for you to create a hoax news story where you become one of the clay characters in the video above. Tell me who, what, when, where, and why this happens. This will be in first person.

Please use the following words in your short story: Epic of Gilgamesh, cuneiform, Ancient Mesopotamia, cuneiform, ziggurat, and clay tablets.

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