December 7, 2015

NewsELA, Google Drive, and Guided Reading

Magazine_GuidedReadingLearning Objective:

Our goal is to provide teachers with large classrooms the opportunity to provide authentic independent work while facilitating guided-reading and small-group instruction.
Learning Outcomes:
  • The teacher will create a Google Class portal and class.
  • The teacher will be able to manage large classrooms effectively while facilitating small group instruction.

  1. Introduction: The first video provides an introduction to the mini unit.

2. Managing 33 students: In this second video watch a 10 minute lesson using 33 sixth graders in a public school setting. The lesson includes an introduction, small-group instruction with 5 students, and independent seat work for the rest of the class.

3. Interview with Kids: Listen as the students review their independent work. These two students were part of a group of five students that went into another class and worked one-on-one with fourth graders. These sessions went on for two weeks and were part of a push to roll out the technology into another grade level.

4. Learning the Websites: In this final I video walk you through creating your own Google Classroom and account. I also review our class rubric to give you ideas for developing your own.

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