November 29, 2016

Writing & Research

My writing ranges from book chapters and self-published work, to guest blog posts and cover illustrations. I enjoy the creative aspects of writing and the collaborative aspects of putting a project through the publishing process. The titles below include a brief description of my published work and also include a direct link.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: A Self-Study of Equity and Inclusion in Online Teacher Education (2021)

I’ve had the wonderful experience of teaching in the Masters in Educational Technology program for California State University, Fullerton. I’m also a graduate of this same program, so this study was a reflective experience for me.

This self-study examines the intersectionality of online teaching, inclusive teaching practices, and culturally responsive teaching in an online graduate teacher education program. Inspired by student perceptions of the promotion of equity and inclusion in the online program, our critical friends group engaged in ongoing reflection and discourse about our current practice as teacher educators and as a program.

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Chapter 2- Understanding Online Education Environments: The Landscape, Where We Are, and Where We Want Be (2020)

I wrote a chapter for this book during the initial stages of the pandemic. The writing process was a whirlwind process that involved meeting a fantastic group of educators from across the United States.

Summary of Chapter 2 My chapter discusses the types of learning management systems available to teachers, the instructional tools available, and how we can leverage these tools to create dynamic learning experiences.

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CUE Blog: Kids Teaching Teachers (2018)

This was a blog post written for Computer Using Educators. In this blog I share how my middle school students led a conference session for teachers at the Kern CUE Tech Fest.

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Using 3D to Encourage Creativity in Eddie’s Class (2017)

I wrote this blog entry for This is a website that is popular for 3D artists but I had my middle school students create unique VR models from scratch and publish them to the site. All of these experiences were aligned to Common Core standards.

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Black Profiles in Comic Book Courage – cover illustration (2017)

I created this illustration for Dr. David Sandles, who I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with on numerous projects including my dissertation.

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21st Century Technology
How Can I Use This Technology in My Classroom?

I wrote this book as a compilation of the work I completed in the Masters in Educational Technology at CSU Fullerton. This is a labor of love that I hope you enjoy!

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