November 27, 2015

ISTE Standard 6

5 years ago I was in my first year teaching at a regular public high school. I vividly remember sitting in my class one evening thinking that textbooks would be gone at some point in the future and I wanted to be on the frontline of technology change.  At that point I only knew how to use Powerpoint and was pretty good on the presentation front. Fast forward 5 years later and I have kids making blogs, creating 3D models, animation, and applications. In my class I have had virtual visitors from South Carolina and Los Angeles as well as had students peer-tutor across the state. This has had a direct impact on the staff around me because I have become a go-to guy for technology. Most importantly, I have learned how to use students to rollout technology. Rather than me teach another class how to use websites such as NewsELA or Khan Academy, I have my students do the work. In most cases these gentle breeze approach are the best for spreading technology at a school site because they are friendly, authentic, and student-centered.

Below is a picture of me at a presentation. This year I had the opportunity to present at the following conferences:  Kern CUE, Tulare CUE, Orange County CUE, and CSU Fullerton’s Full Steam Ahead.