Week 4: Class Schedule

  1. Discussion to build understanding of ACEs from reading and viewing assignments
  2. View Jeffrey Andrade Duncan TEDx
  3. Classroom Circles
  4. CPTSD Activity
    1. Article 1: Emotional Flashback Management in the Treatment of Complex PTSDhttps://www.psychotherapy.net/article/complex-ptsd

      Article 2: Complex PTSD: The Effects of Chronic Trauma and Victimization


      Article 3: PTSD: National Center for PTSD


      Article 4: What if Feels Like To Live with a Personality-disordered individual


      Article 5: 5 Ways to Lovingly Support Someone with C-PTSD


  5. Socratic Seminar
  6. Syllabus (Link)

Class Schedule:

  • Introductions
  • Behavior Management/Lesson Plans (In 40 minutes create some type of plan for stepping into a classroom tomorrow as a new teacher. What does your day look like? How will it be planned? You will be in groups of 3 by grade level)
    • Each group will have five minutes to present their plan using any technology piece they want (i.e. Prezi, Slides, Draw, etc.)
  • Break
  • Social Emotional Learning Presentation (attached below)
  • Circles (Sequential, non-sequential, and fish bowl)

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