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Magazine_GuidedReadingLearning Objective:

Our goal is to provide teachers with large classrooms the opportunity to provide authentic independent work while facilitating guided-reading and small-group instruction.
Learning Outcomes:
  • The teacher will create a Google Class portal and class.
  • The teacher will be able to manage large classrooms effectively while facilitating small group instruction.

  1. Introduction: The first video provides an introduction to the mini unit.

2. Managing 33 students: In this second video watch a 10 minute lesson using 33 sixth graders in a public school setting. The lesson includes an introduction, small-group instruction with 5 students, and independent seat work for the rest of the class.

3. Interview with Kids: Listen as the students review their independent work. These two students were part of a group of five students that went into another class and worked one-on-one with fourth graders. These sessions went on for two weeks and were part of a push to roll out the technology into another grade level.

4. Learning the Websites: In this final I video walk you through creating your own Google Classroom and account. I also review our class rubric to give you ideas for developing your own.

For any questions or comments please email me directly or leave a comment below.

Below you can find the following presentation artifacts:

  1. The conference and professional development handouts on virtual reality (VR). Feel free to download and share.
  2. Following the handout is copy of the conference presentation.
  3. Link to a student-made virtual reality museum.
  4. Professional renderings from
  5. a 6th grade student-created tutorial for my free workflow.
  6. A Minecraft inspired scene created by another 6th grade student.



Below is the presentation for session. This will be a brief ten minutes covering research and strategies for implementing the virtual-reality into the classroom.

The following site is our student-made virtual reality museum.


A professional “mystery contest” project uploaded by a user to

Another professional project on

How to export and import into SketchFab as told by a 6th grader.


A Minecraft inspired scene created by a 6th grader. Load the scene on your phone and then view in a Google Cardboard or VR viewer.

So you made it this far…and the world is coming to an end! To complete this stop you will make an image or video using a zombie or robot augmented reality app and then tweet it to #EDTE4200. Yes you can include a friend on this mission and make it count for both of you!

If you are on an Android based phone download the following fake news app from the Google Play Store:

If you are on an iPhone, download the following augmented reality app from iTunes: