Genius Hour 2.0

Genius Hour gives students the opportunity to follow their own curiosity in an authentic project-based setting using the multimedia and tools available on computers or smartphones. Like a farmer without a plow or a mechanic without his garage, a student without the ability to research or use basic software is a student who will feel lost in the process of inquiry.

ISTE Presentation

Table of Contents

  1. Conference Presentation & Implementation Plan
  2. Professional Development
  3. Classroom Example Units
  4. Student Work
  5. About/Contact Us!


1. ISTE Presentation and Implementation Plan

(Presentation Link) (Implementation Link)


2. BCSD Professional Development Presentation and Online PLN

The Google Slide below was used to training teachers during the Bakersfield City School District Summer Professional Development breakout session. The Twitter feed is the online PLN that BCSD is establishing. #TeamBCSD

3. Sample Classroom Lessons & Units

The following classroom units were used during Genius Hour. These units were necessary in order to front load information and tools that students could later use during Genius Hour.

3a. National Geographic Template (Level of Difficulty Easy)


3a. People Magazine Template (Level of Difficulty Easy)


3a. National Geographic Template (Level of Difficulty Easy)


3a. Virtual Museum with Google Slides (Level of Difficulty Easy)


3b. Hoax News with Screencastify (Level of Difficulty Medium)


3c. Virtual Museum with 3D Models and SketchUp (Level of Difficulty Medium/Hard)

The following unit was used to introduce virtual reality to students while writing and informative essay. (Link)

The following unit was used to teach 6th grade statistics concepts while creating and publishing virtual reality. (Link)

The following unit was created 6th grade social studies culminating in an online VR museum. (Link)

3c. Samples of student work after VR Units

4. Samples of Student Genius Hour Presentations

5. Contact/About Us

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Thank you for attending our session! It was a pleasure to share our classroom district stories and experiences on Genius Hour with everyone. We hope you reach out to us through Twitter!



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