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Mesoamerica typically refers to original indigenous land from Central America to Mexico. Some of the more popular tribes/cultures include the Mayans and Aztec/Mexica. The area is however far more complex and has a history spanning more than thousands of years.

My interest in the history started when I was 19 and first visited Michoacan, Mexico. The state is home to the Purepecha/Tarasco indigenous people. During this month I had the opportunity to visit areas such as Patzcauaro, Ihuatzio, and various ruins. I couldn’t believe that at the edge of our town Huandacareo (“the place where they meet”) we could have ancient ruins. I noticed more and more that many of the towns had these archeological areas. I wanted to somehow share this with people in different ways other than just talking about it or through pictures.

The next year my brothers went to San Salvador, El Salvador with my mother and brought back pictures of Mayan ruins. By this time I was reading many books on my own and had never heard of Tazumal, El Salvador. My brother said something a guide told him that I had heard from a guide the previous year in Michoacan “there just wasn’t enough money to continue excavating.”

So from those experiences and my own interest I have started this project where in my spare time I am trying to somehow immerse people into the beautiful archeology of Mesoamerica. Below you will find my first attempt which is an augmented reality recreation of Tikal, Guatemala.

You need to have a smart phone in order to scan the artwork on the screen.

  1. Download the application Aurasma to your smartphone.
  2. Create an account if you do not have one.
  3. Search and follow “Eddie’s Class.”
  4. Point the Aurasma Scanner at the artwork below.  You can also print it out if you like, but it must be in color.

Tikal master floorplanIf the step worked correctly, when you scan the floor plan you should see the following:


View the ruins at Tikal in virtual reality by clicking on the media below and then pushing the small virtual reality button on the bottom right hand side.