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Project-Based Work

Learning Objective:
The purpose of the following project-based learning modules is for teachers, parents, or students to begin creating their own projects within the assignments they are assigned in their class.  If you want to stand out from everyone using PowerPoint, why not make an animated Prezi? Better yet, why not create a 3D model? If everyone keeps a portfolio, why not share your presentations and 3D models with the world in a blog?  All of the work is created for beginner and intermediate learners and can be worked through independently. For more help please join the discussion forum below each set of tutorials.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Upon completion of the modules, learners will be able to :
  • Use Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint
  • Create 3D models or use existing 3D in the Trimble 3D Warehouse for presentations.
  • Create a blog where you can share models and presentations with the public.


Click on the link for each individual unit. The videos are in the order they are meant to be viewed. You can ask for help in the discussion forum at the bottom of each page. For authentic examples to incorporate these projects in the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards visit the link Staff Development on the homepage of .

Unit 1-Best Practices with Prezi Incorporating Prezi into projects and daily or weekly routines.

Unit 2-Best Practices with Blogging Creating your own blog and incorporating it into coursework.

Unit 3-Building with SketchUp Creating 3D models for history, math, and science.

Unit 4-Student Instructional Media How to have students create instructional videos in the classroom.

Unit 5-Augmented Reality How to incorporate apps into your projects and lessons.

Please ask your questions and share your comments or projects below.