This course will model how a teacher can have outcome expectancies and still give students choices in products that display their learning.  This course will have a quest list with opportunities for students to show they are lifelong learners.  As we learn new technologies and methodologies throughout the course we will add options to the quest list and label them with the appropriate topic.  Some quests will be easier than others and there will be a variance in the time each quest takes to complete.  Students will be required to achieve a minimum number of points in methodologies and technology objectives in order to accumulate points needed for desired course grade.

Many of these quests will be completed in class, so don’t be overwhelmed with the list.  You can view the quest list below, but we will be making your own copy the first night of class and explaining the details of how you will show proof of completion.  You will then share the link to your personal quest tracking with the instructor.

You will create a digital portfolio by posting your quests into a website.  You may post screenshots, links to videos, upload photos, etc.  This will be discussed in more detail in a face-to-face class and there will be time in class to get help organizing, uploading or understanding Google Sites.

Quest – View Only Document


  • Open your gmail account and sign-in

  • Click here to make a copy of the quest:  Copy Quest to My Google Drive

  • Rename the document where it says :Copy 4200 Tech Quest with your first and last name 4200 Tech Quest

  • Click the blue share button on the top right and share the document with the instructor (

  • Mark your first quest complete.