Going into the new school year there are three big influences on how I am designing my class; @theVisualScribe, @theLearningSpaceFacilitator, and Leo Hart. The Visual Scribe and learning space I met at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. Leo Hart (1921-1989) was the superintendent of Kern County Schools in the 1940’s.

It is best for me to talk about Leo Hart first because his influence on my practices are obvious. Leo Hart was the co-designer/creator of the Weedpatch temporary federal school. Leo actually went out to the labor camp in the 1940’s and enlisted the students and parents to help construct the school from the ground up. For my class I have started the process of designing the classroom such as installing whiteboards but our first lesson of the school year will be a lesson on ratios, proportion, area, and perimeter where students will help me finish designing our learning space. Below are some of the images of Leo Hart in the construction of the Weedpatch school.


I am going to be teaching math and science this year and one of my goals is for students to have multiple points of access to our curriculum. Typically when I think of math I remember the marathon of notes we took in high school math. I can still remember the joke that Mr. H would make almost every day, “make sure you stretch your hands today!” My hope is to integrate project based learning opportunities in my class with hands on and digital lessons. I also am trying to bring in some art-based lessons (think of learning about DaVinci while studying ratios).

Below are some of the notes I began to make for my class and the work from @TheVisualScribe that inspired me. During small group instruction and rotations kids will have the option to color in these notes, trace them, or make their own. My goal is for our class to be decorated with notes designed by the students.


The following section was inspired by @LearningSpaceFacilitator. My goal this year is for the students to be up and out of their seats for collaboration. I had always thought that whiteboards were out of my budget range but @learningSpaceFacilitator told me that I could create my own whiteboard space relatively cheaply with materials from Home Depot. The pictures below are from some of the whiteboard space I put in my classroom.