Read the following for the answer to 2 across.

According to Peter Harrison in The Lord’s of Tikal, Hasaw Chan K’awil (Sky Rain) came to power in the year 682 AD. Before Sky Rain there was war and problems that kept the kings from building more temples and pyramids. The first thing Sky Rain built was a temple to cover his father’s tomb (page 126). Sky Rain also began building Temple I and Temple II before he died and his son became king. Temple II is actually dedicated to his wife (page 140).

Temple I and Temple II were built at the same time are meant to be part of a larger map of the stars.  In his book Cycle of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon Vincent H. Malmstrom says “all five of these pyramids were conceived and built with such exacting positions that they continue to function as a giant astronomical matrix to this day!”


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