3D and VR Across the Curriculum

  1. Tech Rodeo Presentation
  2. 3D Model Examples
  3. 3D Student Scans
  4. Virtual Reality Units
  5. Research and Grant Opportunitie
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  1. 1. Tech Fest Presentation (link)

2. Student-Made 3D Models

The following examples were made by students in grades 6-9 in project based learning settings. The 3D models weren’t stand-alone projects, but learning experiences embedded in science, english, math, and history units.

6th Grade Student 3D History Model

7th Grade Student 3D Science Model

8th Grade Student 3D History Model

9th Grade Student 3D Math Model

3. Student-Made 3D Scans

The following examples were made by students by CSU Bakersfield and Emerson Middle School students in a workshop run by the 7th grade students.

4. Virtual Reality Units

Language Arts (Link)

Math (Link)

History (Link)

4. Funding and Research

Grants and Funding




Article on Equity Issues and Virtual Reality with Students in Bakersfield

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