Today’s Lessons

8:15-8:45 (Independent Work)  For today’s article review I would like for you to click here.

8:45-9:15 (Class Work) As a class I want you to read the following article and watch the videos (click here) and (click here). Answer these questions for me typed and then share them to me at home. I will be checking them while you do them, use complete sentences.   1.What are the cat’s adaptation that allows him to prey on the caiman?         2. What are the jaguars defensive adaptations? ? 3.Can a defensive adaptation also be an offensive adaptation? 4. Under what circumstance might the caiman have beaten the jaguar? Or would the jaguar always win?

(9:15-10:15) For math I would like for you to work through the following Khan Academy lessons by clicking here. You started these yesterday, today you will continue to work on them.  If you have your own personal email account please register with that one and add my class with the code JQ3HK2. (If you need help with the problems sit in a group in the back with the substitute, for the rest of you, please work independently.

(10:15-10:30) Recess

(10:30-11:00) Library Time-if there is no library time they can read quietly for 15 minutes and then work on 3D tin for 15 minutes or do computer programming.

(11:00-11:35) You will be watching the following video for history. Answer for me What did you already know? What did you learn? What would you like to learn? If you finish early try and make something you see in the video on 3D tin or by drawing it.


(11:35-12:05) Lunch time, teacher will supervise you through lunch.

(12:05-12:20) Continue working on any work you did not finish. If you have a computer at home finish the work for homework.

(12:20-12:30) Abram, Jaziel, Bianey, and Miranda put away computers. Classes line up and teachers walk them to the bus.

For the sub, thanks for taking my class, you have lunch from 12:30-1:30. Then check in with the office to see what they need from you.


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