Language Arts

For ELA today we will have to begin by working on iReady. You must work in the program for 20 minutes in each period.

From our ELA book we will be readying “The Dog of Pompeii” on page 750.

The assignment for this reading will be on identifying plot structures. We will work on the following together:

  1. Theme
  2. Basic Situation (main character, his or her problem, and setting).
  3. Event 1
  4. Event 2
  5. Event 3
  6. Event 4
  7. Climax
  8. Resolution


Please take the quiz below.

Below is the presentation introducing our section on Hinduism and India. If you already took the notes you will not have to rewrite them. This section goes from page 150 to page 155.

Below is a new sketching video based on our lecture of Mohenjo Daro. It will continue to work on 1 point perspective but from a different angle.

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