How can I use animation and video in my classroom?

Section 1: Overview


At the end of this chapter teachers will be able to:

  1. Identify animation software.
  2. Choose the appropriate animating format.

Real World Example

My experience with animation and video creation includes the paid software of GoAnimate, Powtoons, and the Apple application NewsBooth.  In the paid software programs artwork is provided for you within a closed social media-like environment. With NewsBooth you can easily create a fake live action newscast with mock headers and titles. In this section we will review the software requirements, how to rollout the technology, how to create a film festival, and the pros and cons to each piece of media.


What is Animation?


  1. Why animation?
  2. Is it difficult to animate?
  3. How can I incorporate it into my classroom?


1. Animation can give a voice to students who are not vocal in your class. Animation gives insight into introvert students and creative storytellers. If you have multiple languages in your classroom it is possible to create videos in these languages.

2. Most animating software is text to speech and already gives you the artwork to manipulate. In this sense you are only animating and not illustrating. The most important component is the dialogue, so I advise you spend a lot of time working on this before you begin animating.

3. You can incorporate animation into any core area. Animation can be centered around themes, vocabulary, or concepts.

Hardware & Software

Requires a laptop or desktop if you are using web-based software such as Go Animate of Powtoons. If you are creating news stories you can use just your smart phone. The iPhone lets you create actual videos with the NewsBooth app and with an Android phone you can create pictures of fake news headlines using Fake Breaking News Maker.

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