Welcome to my classroom. I look forward to the new year. We will be getting right down to business. Begin by filling in the following survey, you will only need to fill it in once.

For ELA we will begin narrative writing with an argumentative essay prompt. Please read the directions below.

You school writing club is creating an online magazine that is a collection of science fiction stories. The audience for your online magazine is the teachers and students at your school as well as parents and friends who can read the magazine online. Now you are going to write a narrative to include in the online magazine. For your narrative, imagine hat you are an animal living at the bottom of the ocean. In your narrative, tell what happens once you hear an explosive boom at your home. The story should be several paragraphs long. When writing your story, find ways to use information and details about the ocean floor from the sources below to improve your story. Make sure you develop your characters, the setting, and the plot. use details, and description where appropriate.


Along with the project we will be creating our own class website for hoax news. With my previous classroom I had many talented writers, artist, and actors put together the following http://missionviejogoshen.blogspot.com/ . You should look through the site for inspiration of what you can do and learn if you put your mind to it. You will want your current piece of writing be strong enough to share online!

Below is our class lecture.



History/Social Studies :standard HSS 6.2- Analyze the economy, religion, and politics of Mesopotamia.

Introduction- we read as a class.

For history today we will be reading through an article about ancient Mesopotamia artifacts being looted in Iraq during their war.  In the article you will see some of the topics we have been studying, specifically ancient cuneiform on clay tablets.

The article will focus on a story named “The Epic of Gilgamesh” that is written on ancient clay tablets that were stolen. You can read our article if you  CLICK HERE.


Here is the link to a great story created by one of my former students, Consuelo, Click Here.

Below is a graphic created by another one of my talented former students. Would you like to learn how to do similar work?



Below is our class lecture.

For homework you will complete pages 37-42 in the interactive reader.

If you would like to learn how to use 3D you can begin looking at the Google Chrome app “3D Tin.”

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