Pedagogy of the Oppressed Book Review

Suggested Further Readings Paulo Freire on Faith (Link) Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Noam Chomsky, Howard Gardner, and Bruno della Chiesa Harvard Askwith Forum Live Roundtable ( Link ) Gomez, A., Puigvert, L., Flecha, R. (2011) Critical Communicative Methodology: Informing Real Social Transformation Through Research. (Link) Full Elmore Interview (Link) Pedagogy of the Oppressed Full Book[…]

Presenting at the International Society for Technology in Education 2017

Below you can find the following presentation artifacts: The conference and professional development handouts on virtual reality (VR). Feel free to download and share. Following the handout is copy of the conference presentation. Link to a student-made virtual reality museum. Professional renderings from a 6th grade student-created tutorial for my free workflow. A Minecraft[…]